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Intro Course Presentations

Fall 2008

These are the three presentations for the Intro Course: (a) Overview of Yoga covers a basic introduction including the history of yoga, root texts, how yoga heals and how yoga is relevant for all aspects of life; (b) Breath Yoga and Contribution of Ramdev addresses the enormous benefit of breathing exercises and the great contribution of Swami Ramdev in popularizing 7 breathing practices and 7 physical exercises that are very beneficial for all ages, and older people in particular; (c) Yoga as Patanjali Puts it covers the basic overview of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and its implication on practice and living life. Click the links below to download.

Overview of Yoga
Breath Yoga and Contribution of Ramdev
Yoga as Patanjali Puts It

Karma Cleansing Excercise Instructions Document

Spring 2007

Karma Cleansing is a thought based (mental) exercise that works to cleanse the energy channels. It is the power of the intention in the thought that makes it work. Click the link below to download.

Karma Cleansing Excercise Document

Mantra and Music based Meditation

Summer 2007

In the five types of exercises that we follow -- physical, breath, naada (sound vibration), mental and observation -- this technique is the third, exactly in-between the grossest and the subtlest techniques. It requires no mental effort. It only requires one to relax, let go, and just hum the mantra internally, or mentally pretend like one is hearing it. Click the link below to download.

Mantra and Music based Meditation Document

Yoga Sutra Commentary by Vyaasa

Fall 2008

Vyaasa is known to have written a full commentary on the Yoga Sutras. While Vyaasa compiled the Vedas of the Hindu tradition and is not known to have written any commentaries on any other document, the fact that he chose to write on the Yoga Sutras speaks to the importance of this document. The following are chapter by chapter reproduction of Vyaasa's commentary from the book of Nanabhai Sadanandji Rele published in 1899. Since copyrights are only valid for 75 years, scanned copies of these chapters are freely provided for the benefit of those interested. He also provides translation of Vyaasa's commentary in Marathi. Click the links below to download each chapter.

Yoga Sutras Ch 1 Commentary
Yoga Sutras Ch 2 Commentary
Yoga Sutras Ch 3 Commentary
Yoga Sutras Ch 4 Commentary

The Yoga Approach to Bhagavad Gita

Summer 2007

At some point in time people are hit with some key questions that are difficult to answer. Following are some examples:

  • How can I be happy in life?
  • What should I be doing in life? What is the objective of life?
  • Who am I? Am I the body? What is death? What is beyond?
  • What is my relationship with everything around me and beyond?
  • Is there a God? Is there a method to how everything hangs together?
  • Why do bad things happen?
  • Why is life so unfair?
  • Why are some people good and others bad, or the same people good at times and bad at other times?

Any attempt to answer one must necessarily involve answers to the other. Bhagavad Gita tries to answer all these questions in a conversation between Krishna and Arjuna. It is also recognized as one of these documents that define the Hindu school of Vedanta. Click the link below to download.

Yoga Approach to Bhagavad Gita Document



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