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This page is intended to archive the typical questions that are asked and their answers, as well as provide a way for people to ask new questions which may get added to archives later.

How can I Meditate effectively - I mean how can make the best of the time I do have while Meditating. My results have been very mixed. I would like to increase the joy of Meditating. I am practicing the Karma Cleansing to my best abilities.

Meditation is affected by many factors: Your energy flow when you begin meditation is an important factor. It helps to calm down when energetic or mentally active with Anuloma Viloma Praanaayaama or the AtmaVykata Mudra before meditation. When feeling lethargic, one can do Kapaalabhaati prior to meditation. To ensure the same kind of energy flow it is important to do meditation about the same time each day with the same sequence of activities prior to the meditation. This helps to meditate better. Women in child bearing years may find that there may be energy flow variations around their menstrual cycle about which nothing can be done until once transcends into a different level of meditation when one is meditating all the time even when active with other things. The place also matters. Meditating in the same place or in a highly charged place like a temple will be better. Use of certain types of surfaces for sitting – like wool – will make it better. Covering with a woolen or silk shawl over the upper part of the body, and even the head may help to keep the energy flow contained and increase the experience of meditation. Group meditation is always better since one gets the energy effect of others in the room. Having a bath or any kind of ritual cleansing prior to meditation also helps. Please download the presentation on Mantra and Music Meditation. There are more details there.

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