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Life in Yoga Foundation is actively involved in the research of life energy and how it impacts us. Topics of interest are the following. Anyone who wishes to collaborate is welcome to respond.

Topics of Research Interest

  • Practices of various traditions – religions and cultures – that have the yoga effect with respect to the five types of energies . Objective of this research is to understand and explain the oneness in various traditions. This would serve the humanitarian goal of overcoming difference between people of various religions and cultures and overcoming prejudices related to certain practices and approaches. For collaborating on this research please contact and
  • Dance forms and their yoga effect – This is a more focused research on dance forms from various traditions and their effect. For collaborating on this research please contact,, ,, and .
  • Healing of Diseases with specific practices – While there is much focus on physical and breath yoga practices, our greater interest is in the area of Naada and Thought-based yoga practices. For collaborating on this research please contact, and
  • Validating an explanation on Placebo Effect in Drug Testing – Our body of researchers would like to predict who is likely to experience the placebo effect and who is not likely to experience it based on the thought yoga model and how it heals. Any medical researcher who would like to include this in their research can contact
  • Calibrating a Personality and Value System developed by Life in Yoga Foundation – This requires the collaboration of someone in the field of Psychology with the relevant background and interest who would be willing to develop and test questionnaires where Life in Yoga researchers would provide validations based on their model. Interested researchers may contact

The research methodology and white papers on this subject are noted below.

White papers available

Research Method

The Life in Yoga research method is unusual. We have a panel of researchers who can tune into the energy system of others and detect patterns. To avoid biases we often require validation from multiple researchers on a single subject. This constitutes a method of detection – which is the equivalent of having some form of meter for reading patterns in the physical sciences.

A method used for inference is to see the effect of energy stimulation through various exercises and how a subject feels.

For any general information on research at the Life in Yoga Foundation please send an email to



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