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PRACTICE FOR SPINAL REJUVENATION by Dr. Rajan Narayanan SEPTEMBER 20 2020 5:30 to 7:00 pm EDT

90 minutes session CLICK TO WATCH

RECORDING OF ONLINE DAILY YOGA PROGRAM by Dr. Rajan Narayanan 5:30 to 6:30 pm EDT

May 17, 2020 CLICK TO WATCH

May 10, 2020 CLICK TO WATCH


May 3, 2020 CLICK TO WATCH

Respiratory and Spinal Mantra by Dr. Rajan Narayanan (Invention and Intellectual Property of Life in Yoga Institute)

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Respiratory Mantra Spinal Mantra

Om Meditation


Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Yoga, the Naadis and the Primo Vascular System | 01:03:29

Dr. Rajan Narayanan, Executive Director Life in Yoga Institute and Foundation General Secretary of Council Of Yoga Accreditation International (CYAI)

20th Anniversary of Yoga in SSVT | 03:00

Yoga Philosophy, Science, Art and Benefits | 01:21:08

Philosophy Of Yoga | 01:02:25

Patanjali’s Yogasutra describes yoga as an attitude of living with dharmic awareness
Moderator: Dr. Aparna Ramaswamy (SSVT)
Panelists: Dr. C. R. Narayanan, Dr. Stephen Parker, Sri. Dandapani

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Relevance of Yoga in Medicine | 48:44

This is an Overviev presentation to Arizona physicians that counts for CME credits.

Interview on State of Healthcare and Relevance of Yoga | 7:18

This is an interview of Dr. Rajan Narayanan by Karolina Goswami on modern health care and relevance of Yoga.

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Yoga for Heart Health | 1:14:07

This is a talk given in Houston at the Starpipe Company with Ramesh Bhutada and Devinder Mahajan sharing their heart recovery through Measured Yoga therapy, even as Rajan Narayanan gives an overview of the approach.

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Origins of Yoga Sutras, where it is placed in the evolution of Indian history | 1:06:33

Dr. Narayanan explains the correct understanding of chronology of the composition of the Yoga Sutras relative to the Vedas and recent datings of the Mahabharata war.

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Introductory overview of the Yoga Sutras | 1:12:49

This is an overview of the Yoga Sutras in an hour and 12 minutes.

High level summary and key terms by Dr. Rajan Narayanan | 48:11

This is the preparatory lecture to begin Sutra by Sutra discussion.

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Yoga Sutras Chapter-1 | 1:12:24

This is Sutra by Sutra discussion of Chapter 1.

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Yoga Sutras Chapter-2 | 1:26:02

This is Sutra by Sutra discussion of Chapter 2.

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Yoga Sutras Chapter-3 | 1:07:20

This is Sutra by Sutra discussion of Chapter 3.

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Yoga Sutras Chapter-4 | 1:19:21

This is Sutra by Sutra discussion of Chapter 4.

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Traditional Ayurvedic representation of five fingers | 2:51

The five element representation in the five fingers from traditional Ayurveda is discussed here. Common perceptions available through internet are distorted from the traditional view.


Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Pranakriya Spinal Alignment | 37:09

This is a technique of gently stretching the muscles around the spine to stimulate the Central Nervous System

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Spinal Alignment with Gentle Yoga | 19:24

While this too can be done seated in a chair like the Praanakriya Spinal Alignment, unlike the Praanakriya approach this is done in the Hatha Yoga approach of holding a position for a minute or so, rather than motion with breath.

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Kapaalabhaati | 2:26

Kapaalabhaati or forced exhalation lifting the diaphragm without jerk stimulates the the abdominal cavity organs, with secondary effect on the lungs and eyes.

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Bhastrikaa Praanaayaama | 5:33

This is controlled respiratory alkalosis that activates the central nervous system and energizes the whole body. It is good to overcome weakness or injuries in musculo-skeletal system, while also reducing allergy impacts on the respiratory tract.

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Anuloma-Viloma Praanaayaama | 4:18

This is a technique to balance the creative and logical brain.

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Ujjayi Praanayama or Happy-face Breathing | 5:06

This practice stimulates afferent nerve sensitivity.

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Mula bandha | 1:07

Mula Bandha squeezes the prostate and genitals and generally useful for stimulating Naadi communication in that area.

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Spinal Ujjayi Praanaayaama | 2:11

This is a strong precursor practice to higher meditation.

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Baahya Kumbhaka | 3:01

This is useful for prostate, liver and GI function stimulation, and it also seems to improve the immune system when done gently.

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Bhramari sound vibration | 2:51

This practice is good for sinus stimulation and can have both a balancing effect and increase sensitivity of the immune system.

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Beeja Mantras for Chakras | 8:44

Chakra vibrations are excellent for mental health issues.

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Mantra based Meditation | 3:34

This is one of the most important practices for spiritual connectivity and building intuitive sensitivity.

Dr. Rajan Narayanan on Walking Meditation | 1:32

This is an effective calming practice to stimulate parasympathetic tone, and particularly applicable for those with high Pitta and/or Vata Doshas.