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Saturday, 25th February, 2023

25th feb

Spirituality & Healing Aspect of Yoga

Yogic Practices, Spirituality, Mantra, and Healing Aspect

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Saturday, 25th February, 2023

3pm to 5pm PST

6pm to 8pm EST


Shiv Durga Temple

3550 Flora Vista Ave,

Santa Clara, CA, USA

Programe Details

  • Discuss scientific approach to improve and enhance your health
  • Understand Yogic Approach to realize the true nature of existence
  • How Spirituality & Healing improve your health & chronic disease
  • What personal discipline and daily practices to maintain your health

Speaker Profile

Dr. Rajan Narayanan

Dr. Narayanan is the Executive Director & Board of the Life in Yoga Institute https://lifeinyoga.org/. He is a spiritual guide, a trainer of yoga teachers & therapists. He has conducted several training sessions since 1998. He got recognized from major Global Yoga Institutions. He has developed Measured Yoga Therapy (MYT), which got published in paper as Bioenergy and its implication of Yoga Therapy.

Rajan Narayanan