Measured Yoga TherapyTM (MYT) is the product of integrative scientific inquiry of energy medicine modalities, traditional medicine methods and concepts of modern medicine within the philosophical view of yoga about the nature of existence.

Developed by the Life in Yoga Institute, MYT is a revolutionary method of predicting the outcome of a tailored yoga practice for an individual based on their specific condition. This approach is published under the title Bioenergy and its Implication for Yoga Therapy and is indexed in the National Library of Medicine ( It can be considered parallel to the concept of personalized medicine which increases the probability of therapeutic success.

People scarcely realize almost all medicine systems in the world are not deterministic sciences, but rather based on correlations and probabilities of therapeutic effectiveness. Except for yoga and traditional medicines systems associated with yoga, there is no conceptual understanding of the meaning of life. Without knowing the nature of spiritual existence, the models of health are incomplete. When the famous author, Dr. Deepak Chopra, notes cases of sudden cures of incurable conditions, modern medicine cannot explain. But yoga’s spiritual philosophy can.

While we begin with modern medicine diagnosis, we take assessments with scientific tools that relate to traditional medicine and spiritual approaches to measure the body’s ‘energetics’. Then based on our experience we test different yoga practices. Immediately after each tested practice we take the same ‘energetics’ reading to see what changes it impacted and whether it would be predictive to address a specific disorder or help general improvement of health. This is personalized and specific to each individual.

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Process of MYT

FIRST, Get diagnosed for your condition by your physician.

SECOND, if you don’t have a life threatening condition, send us your health and lifestyle history, and optionally some hair off your comb and nail clippings.

THIRD, come for consultation, where bio-meridian readings will be done with electro-photonic imaging (EPI). If you provided your nail clippings and hair, there may be an additional report from Metatron technology.

FOURTH, based on the assessment of bio-meridians and all the other information, suitable yoga practices will be tested with post-reading of bio-meridians after each practice.

FIFTH, if a specific practice significantly changes the bio-meridian readings in the desired direction, it indicates a high probability of success in addressing the disorder. This practice becomes the daily practice recommendation.

NOTE: There will be rare instances when we are unable to find the right solution for you. MYT is more predictive than regular yoga therapy, but it is not a guarantee of success.

ONE BIG FACTOR is getting correct readings with EPI.

What Is BIO-Meridian Testing With EPI

Bio-meridian testing is done with an EPI instrument called Bio-well developed by Professor Konstantin Korotkov. This involves putting your fingers, one finger at a time, inside a box (see picture above – left panel) which contains a circular electromagnet. When your finger is within the electromagnetic field, the interaction between the communication in the bio-meridians in the finger and the electromagnetic field creates an aura-like image (see picture above – right panel) which is parsed into wedges, each wedge representing an organ system as per Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Because state of mind, medications in the system, etc. affect the reading, it is important it be taken at a time when the body-mind system is neutral to all such external effects to identify the cause of any disorder. When disorders create pain or any palpable sensation, the reading will identify root cause when such pain or other sensation of the disorder is present at the time of the reading. . When disorders create pain or any palpable sensation, the reading will be most revealing when such pain or other sensation of the disorder is present at the time of the reading.

Criticality of Correct EPI Reading

Bio-meridian readings of EPI can be affected by a variety of external factors, such as medications, diet, state of mind, the presence of other people, etc. If the initial readings are compromised, it is impossible to identify the underlying abnormalities in the bio-meridian, and thus, we cannot find the right practice for the individual, and hence therapy effectiveness is compromised.

100% Success is Not Guaranteed

We provide preparatory guidance to ensure their Bio-meridian readings are not compromised, but it may not be possible in every situation.

Like all therapeutic modalities, 100% success is not guaranteed. Accuracy of bio-meridian readings increase the probability of success, and the pre-post approach of EPI readings increases predictability. Increasing predictability increases probability of success, but success is not 100% guaranteed.

What is Metatron Technology

Metatron Technology, first developed in Russia, by Professor Vladimir Nesterov and further improvised by other researchers, allows us to keep any identifier of a person, like DNA, inside a box connected to a computer that provides a spiritual assessment of more than 400 elements of the body-mind system, down to the cellular level. The scan can be further matched against a database developed by Dr. Nesterov to identify ‘dispersion’ (or nearness) to different disorders. This provides deep insight into the source of disorders. However, neither the ‘dispersion’ numbers nor the scans can be considered diagnostic. No studies, to our knowledge, has been done to map the ‘dispersion’ numbers to probabilities.

How is MYT Different From General Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy offered today by yoga therapists are based on correlation between disease conditions and effectiveness of a certain yoga practice to impact a specific condition. These correlations have been loosely suggested by clinical studies. While a number of people find relief and some even experience recovery, some people do not find adequate relief or recovery. By measuring the impact of any such practice for a specific condition from one sitting of the exercise, MYT can determine if that exercise can be helpful for the disorder and increase the probability of effectiveness from yoga therapy. This is the difference between general yoga therapy and MYT.

Further Life in Yoga Institute uses mantra vibrations for healing which is not part of mainstream yoga therapy.