Fall (October) Beginning of Measured Yoga TherapyTM Training starts with MasterClass in Yoga Concepts whose schedule will be announced in May.

MasterClass Course is open to all who register with normal fees. However, Measured Yoga Therapy Training is based on application.


Who Should Attend:

Those being trained in Life in Yoga’s MYT Program

Anyone else interested in yoga concepts

What Will You Learn:

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali provides the context into the philosophy and principles of yoga. Learning this is essential to understand the concept of existence and most importantly the concept of ones duty (SvaDharma).

Following the study of Yoga Sutraswe go into discussion of the mechanism and approaches of yoga practices. This is essential to application of yoga practices whether as a teacher or as a therapist in MYT.

Measured Yoga TherapyTM Training

Who Should Attend:

Health care providers seeking to expand their knowledge and provide a holistic and integrative medicine solution to their patients

Yoga trained or interested persons who seek to use this knowledge to provide lifestyle counseling to enable yoga therapy solutions for clients

What Will You Learn:

Prior to beginning the program you will need to acquire a Bio-well system – which we will supply and provide basic training – and become familiar with its use. Thereafter, we will begin a case-based approach to learning the following components of knowledge:

(a) Applications of specific yoga therapy practices; (b) Applications for specific health disorders; (c) Use of Bio-well for therapy applications. In addition, through attending regular yoga sessions, lectures, special sessions, recommended videos and reading lists, one is expected to learn about philosophy of yoga, mastery of practices, and acquire sufficient medical knowledge to provide therapy for a wide variety of conditions.

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