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This is for employers to improve employee health, employee productivity and employee retention

It is primarily individualized lifestyle management for each employee & there is scope for group programs as well. Stress reduction as preventive medicine for most employees and therapeutic medicine for those with diagnosed conditions is the general approach. It is expected to reduce health insurance costs and employee turnover with increased job satisfaction. Stress busting and Productivity increasing examples are given below. FOR


Stress-Busting Case

Employee in his early 30s with spouse and two children appeared stressed and it was confirmed by our bio-energy reading. He was told that he had to do some practice to reduce his stress to avoid some disease manifestation in the distant future. He protested that he had no time for any practice. Analysis of his lifestyle, which is part of the individualized consulting, resulted in an unusual recommendation that did not require him to take time out of activities he considered very important. Within his normal schedule upon waking up in the morning he would first check messages in his mobile phone, then he would drink water, have bowel movements and then he would turn on his television to listen to news as he made himself a cup of tea and had it watching the news. He was told to make a minor change in this morning routine. Upon waking up, no looking at his mobile phone and no turning on the TV, but rather he keep his awareness in his breath enjoying every sip of his tea. We called it Chai Yoga. Next month, not only was his stress down, but self-reflection had resulted in him changing his lifestyle and finding time for the gym four days in a week. .

Productivity Impact Case

30 year-old married employee with no children had come for an evaluation since he felt his body needed toning. In the bio-energy reading we found that his peripheral nervous system was not sensitive enough. A specific breathing exercise that promotes the system was recommended for daily practice for 15 minutes. A month later he was delighted that his waist size had reduced by 2 inches (with a minor weight-loss). However, he explained that when he did this breathing practice in the mornings he would go into a meditative self-observation mode, and he realized that his reaction to work situation was a source of stress. So he decided to change himself and with his new approach not only did his stress level go down, but also his productivity increased and his colleagues could feel the difference. . .